Tanner’s Room Update/Progress

I’ve been meaning to get a post out on this sooner, but to put it bluntly, I have an incredibly messy 7-year old boy and his room is almost never clean…in fact, it’s usually quite the disaster area unless I get in there and regulate every couple of days.  It takes an act of God to get that boy to clean his room, much less stay on task…meaning, I literally have to be in there coaching him every step of the way…or else he will just move on to something else. {God love that boy…and his ADD.} 
But anyway, I managed to get it cleaned up {I did make him help me} enough to get some decent pictures taken of how it is looking now…compared to what it looked like when he had only the twin size bed in there earlier in 2012. We still have a lot to do, but I like the way it is coming along. If you remember, I made a moodboard a few months back and I am getting closer and closer to realizing that vision with his space. It’s maturing along with him. {The way this room looks is also important to me because now that he has the queen bed in there, it also doubles as a guest room when needed.}
Let’s go ahead and refresh your memories with a picture of my moodboard, shall we?
So here are a few pictures of the what the room is looking like right now. My favorite part right now is probably the bulletin board revamp I did the other week.
And here is my to-do list for the space {in no particular order}:
2. Hang Wall Art & Pictures
3. New Pillow Covers from Etsy
4. New Rug
5. Create Map for Wall
6. Finish Wooden Monogram Project {You’ll see this soon!}
7. Curtains
8. Paint Walls {Very Light Sand Color}
9. New Desk Lamp
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Bulletin Board Revamp

For months now, I’ve had revamping Tanner’s bulletin board on my to-do list. It’s been sitting in my garage for quite some time now, leaving a very large, bare spot above his desk. I finally got around to doing it thanks to some time off from work for the Christmas holiday.
Here’s how it started out – just your run-of-the-mill plain Jane bulletin board:
I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased a yard of fabric and some decorative nailhead trim:
 I laid out the fabric over the board and started putting in the tacks one by one right along the edge of the frame. {Warning: This will hurt your good thumb after a while!}
After I finished that, I turned the board over and using a light-duty fabric stapler, I tightly pulled the fabric and stapled in place.

And here is the final product:

Total cost of this project:

Bulletin Board: Had already {You can purchase a similar one for around $10.00.}
1 Yard of Fabric {Hobby Lobby}: $8.99
5 Boxes of Nailhead Trim/Tacks {Hobby Lobby}: $10.00

$18.99 – Not too bad for a custom decorative bulletin board!

So that’s one more thing crossed off my to-do list for Tanner’s room. I’m still planning on repainting the walls very soon – I think that will be the next thing I do. I should have a finished room to reveal to you not too long from now!

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Tanner’s Room Moodboard

You may remember from this post, that we were coming up on the time to move Breckin from a crib to a twin size bed {which I did this past weekend}. Since Tanner is now using our former master bedroom queen-size bed, we are using his old twin bed for Breckin {love saving money like that!}

Jake and I had pulled it out of storage and found that he had {not so smartly} placed a too-heavy item on it while it was in there and it cracked part of the base that holds in the 3 drawers on bottom. Handy hubby was thankfully able to repair it and make it even sturdier.

With the transition of Tanner’s old bed going to Breckin’s room, we are also using the same super-cute Target bedspread that Tanner was using when the bed was his. Still relatively new and in great condition. Which means, a lot of Tanner’s decor {lamps, rug, curtain, etc.} will be moving to Breckin’s room once the bed gets repaired and set up in there. And that means, Tanner is going to need some new decor to replace those things! Since I love the surfer/beach theme {will be using it in both boys’ rooms} and Tanner’s room was already surf-themed, I am going to go with some nautical-inspired decor for the space.

I created this mood board to show you where my mind is going with this:

1/2/3/4/5. Our Huntington Beach picture/6. My old Cali License Plate/7

Can’t wait to get it all finished for him! It seems so much more mature…my little boy is growing up!

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