Trash To Treasure: Decorative Mirror

Some of you may know, I used to have a blog called [just had] A Bright Idea where I focused mostly on interior design & decor and some DIY-ing. When I started Style Oyster, I wanted to incorporate those things along with my love of fashion and all things, well, stylish. Unfortunately, leaving that blog for a new url posed it’s challenges. I lost the readers I had acccumulated over the 6 months of having the blog as well as the content…but wait, that content is NOT lost! Thanks to Blogger, I was able to move it over to Style Oyster. However, it was a little outdated (the wording in some, etc.) and of course the pictures were all tagged with my JHABI logo (and a few with even older blog logos than that! I had some name change issues…) I am putting this paragraph here as a preface to these posts because even though they are from the past, they are still projects that took a long time and are dear to my heart and I didn’t want to lose them when I officially take my old blog off the Internet. So I apologize to those of you who have followed me since [just had] A Bright Idea, as you will be experiencing some deja vu, but I know some of you are new and this may all be new content to you. So bear with me, I plan on posting these once a week until they are all on Style Oyster. Thank you so much, and I do hope you enjoy. xoxo


A few months back, the neighborhood next to us had a community yard sale. I decided to stroll over there with my boys and check out some of them to see if I could find any good DIY-worthy items. I found this decorative mirror for $3.00 {bargained down from $5.00!}

This of course is a picture of it after I taped off the mirror part.

Not diggin’ the gold color so much, I decided a nice bright sunny yellow would make it a stand-out piece and make it appear a little more modern.

So I pulled out a can of yellow gloss spray paint and went to work. I did about four light layers to make sure I had nice coverage and to be sure I got all of the crevices.

Here is how it turned out:

I just realized based on the reflection that this picture is sideways. But oh well, it looks the same either way! You got to see how this all came together in my living room gallery post. The living room is really coming together and I just can’t wait to have everything in place and ready to show to all of you.

So are you taking on any DIY projects lately? Any projects completed – big or small? What do you think of this mirror transformation?

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Trash to Treasure: Jewelry Display

A couple months ago, I found a skinny little basic black-framed bulletin board at Goodwill for a couple bucks. It also had a place at the top of it for a 4×6 photo. Not immediately knowing what I was going to use it for, I went ahead and bought it (I apologize for the lack of “before” photo, I could swear I took one and can’t find it!)
It then sat in my garage amongst my other Goodwill finds that I have yet to “treasure”.
I’ve been inspired by a lot of the bulletin-boards-turned-jewelry-organizers I’ve seen on the www lately. I decided that would be the perfect transformation for this little bulletin board find of mine.
First, I had to figure out what I wanted to put in that little 4×6 photo frame. After some thought, I decided a cute quote that would be inspiring in the morning would be the way to go, since I planned on hanging this jewelry organizer in the vanity area I have started making in my closet (more to come on that, by the way!) I will be starting my day there every day – picking out an outfit, putting on makeup and of course, accessorizing with some bling.
I went with this quote by Audrey Hepburn – and got on my computer to make a cute chevron background:
Don’t you agree that is the most perfect quote to start your day with (and so fitting for a dressing area)?!
I then put it in the bulletin board frame:

Super-cute, right? Eventually I want to paint the bulletin part of the board, but for now, this definitely works for me.
Here it is, hung up with my necklaces dangling:

I’ve decided I need to add to my necklace collection…many of my old faves have broken and I haven’t purchased any new in a while.
So what do you think of the jewelry board? Now that they are on display, they won’t be “outta sight, outta mind”…so hopefully you’ll be seeing me with more accessories from now on!