A Little Change Around Here

Some of you may notice that I have moved all of my posts from my sister blog, i-Heart Fitness over to this blog. Reason being is that I simply was not able to put the time and effort into building two separate blogs. I definitely spend the bulk of my time here and would love to be able to share my love of fitness over here as well, rather than segregating it off to another url completely. I hope y’all will be happy with the change and look forward to some fitness-related posts in the future. Feel free to peruse through my archives to read some of the fitness-related posts I moved over {easily searched via the labels in the far right hand sidebar}.
Thanks for reading – have a great weekend! xoxo
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Monday Musings

I had a pretty great weekend. I think it definitely helped that I was not working all week, so I was able to get the “house stuff” done during the week and concentrate on having fun with my boys during the weekend.
And have fun with them, I did! We went to the library on Saturday to pick out some good reads {still doing good with that New Year’s resolution!} Then we went to a play park.
Tanner even met another Tanner.
I took a run out to my favorite spot near my house just in time to see this beautiful sunset.
Sunday morning was spent working on my Roxy photo shoot for Skinny Mom and Roxy. My good friend, Jackie, was so great to come out so early to Sullivan’s Island on a chilly, breezy morning to help me by taking the pics. {The post goes up on Skinny Mom on February 28th – I’ll be sure to post a link here when it does! There will be a giveaway for a chance for you to win some Roxy duds too!}
After we were done, and I had frozen my butt off in nothing but a sports bra and booty fitness shorts…we headed to Acme Cantina on Isle of Palms for some breakfast. And by breakfast, I mean a pitcher of mimosas.
I went home and then the boys and I packed up some beach toys and headed back out to Isle of Palms to watch Hubby play volleyball at the Windjammer and enjoy the beautiful day. We still had to wear light jackets, but who can really complain when they are able to enjoy the beach in February? {Especially when the Northeast is being slammed with snow…I definitely feel sorry for all the folks up that way.}
Love watching these boys playing nicely together to build a little sandcastle.
Breckin had fun chasing seagulls.
And Hubby had fun playing volleyball.
I love how in that pic you can see Breckin to the right staring at Daddy. He loves to watch him play…you can tell he’s his daddy’s biggest fan.
Hope y’all had a splendid weekend – I know a lot of my Facebook peeps were celebrating birthdays this weekend…I think I tend to get along with Aquarians {this explains the mass amount of birthdays amongst my friends at this time of year}…my husband is one too after all.
Enjoy your week! xoxo
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I’m Still Here…

It has been a whirlwind of a week. Even though I’ve been relieved of my job, I’ve been running around seemingly nonstop. I’ve had a slew of interviews {thank God} – I think the total tally on those is now 7. There is one company I’m especially praying to get the job at and I was given two interviews with them so far – both went very, very well. {Praying!}

On Thursday and Friday, I went to a women’s conference at our church, Seacoast Church, called Chosen. It was actually really great. I wasn’t sure about it going in, but in the end, I actually met a lot of nice girls that go to my church and we had a great time. There were a lot of great speakers as well. It was nice to finally meet some more women at church and “get connected” {as they like to say}. With all of this crazy job situation stuff going on lately…I am beginning to feel the need to draw closer in my relationship with God…and just trust in His plan for me. I have always felt that everything happens for a reason, and I’ve been saying that ever since I was let go from Boeing…but sometimes it’s a little scary not knowing what comes next. This conference helped me open up my faith in Him a little more, and I really needed that right now.

And finally, I dropped the ball on giving my husband a shout-out on here for his 35th birthday {not that this blog matters to him in any way} – it was on Thursday. {Happy Birthday, Baby…you are a wonderful husband…probably more wonderful than I really deserve…thanks for being so loving to your sons and me.}

So as you can see, I’ve just been a little preoccupied, mentally and physically…I’ve hardly been at home this week and when I was, I found it hard to sit down and write about anything. I will say, however, that I’ve never seen so many great pairs of boots in one place as I did at that conference! Many of those women really have some great style. I definitely switched off between my Uggs, Minnetonkas and my cheap-but-expensive-looking Forever 21s throughout the conference events.

But anywho – my goal is to be back on task with this blog come Monday. Have a great rest of your weekend, y’all! xoxo

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Top 15 of 2012

2012 has been a great year. Though I’d been blogging for a few years, I finally settled in my happy blog place here at Style Oyster when I launched it in June. Since then, I’ve never regretted making that change…though I inevitably lost some readers in the transition, it has definitely been worth it. I hope to continue to watch it grow.

I wanted to showcase a few of my favorite posts from this year…I sorted through and found 15 of my favorites. So here they are – my top 15 posts of 2012 {no particular order – click titles to be redirected to the original posts}:



Since then, the cabinets have been painted white, but that post is coming soon!

So wow, what a year it has been! And I still don’t feel like I’ve even scratched the surface with projects around here, so be on the lookout for many more to come in 2013! Thanks for reading. xoxo.

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Color Me Rad 5K

I am super-duper excited right now.

I just found out the my local city – Charleston, SC – is finally getting a Color Me Rad 5K!


I have been dying to participate in one of these races. I mean, how insanely fun and awesome does this look?


The race is going to be on 3.23.13. Consider me registered.


Check out their website to see if they have one near you! Another race option that is the exact same as this is The Color Run. Check out their website too.

An Organized Homework Space

Now that my oldest is in first grade and has a little bit of homework each night, I’ve been plotting to turn his little desk area in his room into somewhat of a “homework hub”, if you will. He’s the type of kid that needs some quiet space, away from the hustle and bustle of the kitchen, to keep focused on his work. I’m in the midst of organizing and creating the area…so pics are soon to come, but in the meantime, here’s some images I found inspiring for this type of space, and I hope you will too:




I hope all of your school-aged children are having a great school year so far! Do you have a designated “homework” spot in your home? Any tips or suggestions for a stylish, yet functional space? xoxo

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Fit For Fashion Friday, Vol. , Wk. 5

Welcome to Fit For Fashion Friday, Vol. 1, Week 4!

Thank you to all of my readers that participated in last week’s Fit For Fashion Friday challenge. I hope you all attained your fitness goals last week and hopefully I still have you with me this week. {Pretty please leave me a comment letting me know how you did!}

So now let’s get started with this week’s challenge!

All I ask are a few things…{these will be asked of you every week you enter the challenge!}

1. On any week you take a challenge, please post a link to the week’s challenge post as a way to share it with your readers/friends/family and to ask them to join in on the challenge with you – via Facebook, blog post, Twitter, etc.

2. Leave a comment on this post or my Facebook page letting me know you’re in! {I gotta know who’s with me!}

3. Add one of my buttons to your blog as a reminder to check back each Friday for the weekly challenge. {See sidebar of my blog for button options.}

4. If you should so choose to chronicle your fitness progress on your blog, I would be most appreciative if you could link back to my blog in the post…spread the word, spread fitness! {This is an extra, above and beyond thing and I realize that…so it’s not expected, but completely and utterly appreciated from the bottom of my heart.}

Now, without further adieu, this week’s challenge {I read: “Carrie Underwood legs” and I had to try it}:


The Challenge: Do this 4 days this week! Good luck!

Remember, this challenge is IN ADDITION to any regular workout routine you already have going…not in replacement of it. The goal here is to challenge yourself to do more…to get better. There are no losers here…if you give your best, you are a winner. Just do the best you can and keep improving your fitness level! xoxo

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