Closet Turned Pretty Pantry

I can’t even begin to tell you how this has been such a long time coming…we were in such dire need of a decent-size pantry. We’d been using one set of kitchen cabinets up to this point.

Our house is a little strange…no pantry, not a lot of kitchen cabinet storage…and this little in-betweener closet {Is it a coat closet? Supply closet? Pantry?} It just wasn’t really in ideal condition to serve as any of those options…and I definitely tried my hand at all of them in the space. Almost five years later, this is what it was looking like:

Yep, one ugly catch-all concealed by a door. Not really serving the purpose it could be. I made the decision that I finally wanted to have Jake custom-build it out into a pantry.

First we started with removing those standard wire shelves. Jake went to his workshop and built a set of shelves and a couple of floating shelves. He then installed them and primed and painted them white. I also wanted to add some subtle color to the walls, so we went with the “Sublime” green paint we had originally used on our kitchen walls {though those are being repainted gray soon}.

As far as containers, I mostly used what I had around the house, and those blue ones are from the dollar store. And I’ve been slowly building my fresh food container collection. I already had those labeled with chalkboard labels in our cabinet pantry.

I created some labels for the bins.

And here she is in all her glory! It’s such a nice change.

Eventually I plan on turning the back of the door into our menu planning central…post to come on that. And the wall to the right will  be used to hang our broom, mop, etc.

So what do you think? Please remember to “pin” it if you love it! xoxo

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New Year’s Resolutions: Check-In

How are y’all coming along on those New Year’s resolutions of yours? As the month of January comes to a close, I thought it would be a good idea to look back at mine and see how I’m doing – a way to keep myself in check, if you will.
Let’s take a look at them for a reminder, shall we?
Alrighty, so here’s the lowdown.
  1. Due to an unexpected loss of my job at Boeing earlier this month, my California plans are on the backburner for now. I still REALLY want to go, and plan to, but if it doesn’t happen this year, it’s gotta happen next. I am working again, but the job is nearly just over half what I was making at Boeing…so not a lot of room to save dough and spend on things like this…so until I get out of this “buffer” job and into a better-paying one, the Cali trip will have to wait. Poo.
  2. I did take my boys to our local library this month. Tanner picked out some good reading books and Breckin chose some bedtime stories. I even grabbed a couple for myself – Blogging for Dummies and a CSS/HTML book.
  3. As you can see from #2, I accomplished #3 so far!
  4. I don’t think I can say I fully organized one room or space this month. I organized here and there, but I really need to get out of the ADD organizing habit and stick to one thing at a time in order to really make a difference. Will do better in February. Promise.
  5. Big, fat fail {so far}. I haven’t picked up my paints once this month. I need to really make a plan and carve out some time. I am also working on some printables/word art that I’d like to start selling in my shop as well.
  6. Waiting on a good Groupon for this – I’ve seen some photography classes on there in the past. For now, I am just playing with it on my own and reading photography blogs for tips.
  7. For the most part, I am doing better. My goal is to get up even earlier so I can squeeze in a morning run too.
  8. I don’t think Hubby and I got a date night this month. Boo. Of course, with a job loss, it’s hard to find extra money for things like that. Things are on the up and up, so we are going to start making this a priority.
  9. I have been drinking less wine. Though less for me is still a lot by some people’s standards. So I’m going to conscientiously make the effort to keep lowering my “dose”.
  10. Well, this is a joke. {I’m drinking one as I’m writing this.} Next!
  11. This is n/a for now. Can’t wait for summertime weather!
  12. I really need to sit down and do this. Hubby and I have been better about getting the house tidied at night and I have been cleaning, but I really want a schedule I can look at so I can stay on top of it all.
  13. We are progressing here. He is doing it at daycare, but not always at home. The next set of diapers I buy him will be Pull-Ups…I think this one will learn faster than big bro did.
  14. This is a kinda/sorta. I want to make a really nice chart/system for him. Again, something I just need to sit down and do. Maybe I should tackle this at the same time as the cleaning schedule.
  15. Well, again, job loss makes this one a little tricky. However, we paid off a huge chunk of debt before the New Year, so we are sitting pretty in comparison to last year. As Christina Aguilera would say – “It just keeps gettin’ better..”
Hope you are making some progress with your resolutions! I would love to hear about it! xoxo
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Tanner’s Room Update/Progress

I’ve been meaning to get a post out on this sooner, but to put it bluntly, I have an incredibly messy 7-year old boy and his room is almost never clean…in fact, it’s usually quite the disaster area unless I get in there and regulate every couple of days.  It takes an act of God to get that boy to clean his room, much less stay on task…meaning, I literally have to be in there coaching him every step of the way…or else he will just move on to something else. {God love that boy…and his ADD.} 
But anyway, I managed to get it cleaned up {I did make him help me} enough to get some decent pictures taken of how it is looking now…compared to what it looked like when he had only the twin size bed in there earlier in 2012. We still have a lot to do, but I like the way it is coming along. If you remember, I made a moodboard a few months back and I am getting closer and closer to realizing that vision with his space. It’s maturing along with him. {The way this room looks is also important to me because now that he has the queen bed in there, it also doubles as a guest room when needed.}
Let’s go ahead and refresh your memories with a picture of my moodboard, shall we?
So here are a few pictures of the what the room is looking like right now. My favorite part right now is probably the bulletin board revamp I did the other week.
And here is my to-do list for the space {in no particular order}:
2. Hang Wall Art & Pictures
3. New Pillow Covers from Etsy
4. New Rug
5. Create Map for Wall
6. Finish Wooden Monogram Project {You’ll see this soon!}
7. Curtains
8. Paint Walls {Very Light Sand Color}
9. New Desk Lamp
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Kitchen Progress Update

Goodness gosh, I think I have been holding you off too long on the kitchen update post since we finished painting the cabinets! They have been done since like the beginning of December! Guess that’s what the holidays will do to you.

But anyway, as promised, here you go.

I must say hubby did some hard work and got these babies done very quickly…considering he had to still go to work from 8-4:30 every day. Total time started on a Sunday and the cabinets were hung back in place on the following Thursday evening. He then purchased the hardware, made some drill holes where needed and they were officially finished that Friday or Saturday. Not bad when you factor in the time for sanding and for each coat of primer and paint to dry between coats. {I actually primed them for him while he sanded the base of the cabinets. So again, I helped!}

Now let’s look at the before/after shots:

 I am so happy with the change. The kitchen feels so much more up to date and a lot brighter. It’s not the largest space, but I definitely enjoy my time in there much more than I used to. The colors give a crisp, clean feel – which is just what I want to feel while in the kitchen.

There are still a few things to be done yet, but here is our progress list so far {click links for corresponding posts}:

1. New Under-Mount Sink
2. Granite Countertops
3. Backsplash
4. Paint Cabinetry {White}
5, Install New Floors
6. Wall Organization System
7. Paint Walls {Light Grey}
8. New Dining Table & Chairs
9. Curtains for Back Door

So what do you think so far?

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Kitchen Update: Floors

Earlier this week, I let you know about the kitchen floor replacement project my husband decided to take on this past weekend. {See our first kitchen update post here.}

I am so excited to share with you the finished product {though the entire kitchen has yet to be finished} – and just in time for Tanner’s birthday party tomorrow. I told Jake he absolutely had to have it done by then due to all the guests we are having over. {Having the refrigerator in the living room just isn’t convenient for a party…well, not this kind of party.}

So here’s another series of update pics – I’m hoping you can start to see how the black, gray and white are all starting to come together now.

Laying out the tile with thin-set

The tiles had originally been large squares, but Jake wanted to cut them to create the subway tile pattern.

Hubby even made me help scrub the grout off after he slathered it on. Not the most fun job in the world, but necessary!

For fun, here’s some before pics:

 And the afters {so far}:

Even our dog blends in now!

Here is our progress list so far:

1. New Countertops & Sink
2. Install Backsplash
3. Install Ceramic Tile Floors
4. Paint Cabinets – White
5. Paint Walls – Light Gray
6. New Dining Room Table & Chairs

Stay tuned for more progress soon! xoxo

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Project: Kitchen Update

I’ve not been a fan of our kitchen situation since the day we moved in back in 2008.

The only things we had really done since then were adding a wainscot on the walls and installing a cauffered ceiling. So other than those things, we were left with plain ol’ builder-grade maple cabinetry, a formica countertop in a hideous blue speckled color, a run-of-the-mill stainless steel sink and faucet, a linoleum floor and backsplash-less walls. Bleck. {Don’t even get me started with how the kitchen doesn’t even entertain to the living room…makes our whole space feel small…but that can only be resolved by purchasing a new house.}

A week or so back, I posted this little picture as a clue to a project we were working on:

Well, if you guessed it was a backsplash, you were correct!

Not only did we do a backsplash, hubby got a bunch of free granite as a kickback from one of his construction jobs. All that had to be paid for was getting it measured and cut to fit, and getting an under-mount sink {as well as new faucet!}

So take a look at our kitchen now:

Now, we’re by no means done with this space. I’ve still got a laundry list I’m working on, but glad to have marked a few things off {only took 4 years to get moving}! But I really like how it’s coming along and I can’t wait to have the vision in my head realized. Here’s the plan:

1. Granite Countertops
2. Under-Mount Sink
3. Backsplash
4. Paint Cabinetry {White}
5. Paint Walls {Light Gray}
6. New Flooring {Ceramic Tile}
7. New Rugs
8. Curtains for Back Door
9. New Wall Art
10. New Accessories/Accents {Pops of Pink/Yellow?}

Look forward to keeping you updated along the way!

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