World Run Day – Recap

A few weeks back, I posted about World Run Day 2012. Did any of y’all participate? Well, if any of you ran at all this past Sunday, you were a participant in World Run Day as far as I’m concerned.
My goal was to run 7 miles, as that is the mileage I was due to run that day per my half marathon training schedule.
I worked on Sunday until 1:30pm, but was determined to run as soon as I got home. I knew my youngest would be napping, so I would have the opportunity. And I’ve learned I need to take the opportunity when it presents itself rather than wait for later because if I don’t, then it never gets done. {Plus, I had to work off the birthday cake I ate the day before at my son’s birthday party.}
Looking forward to my half marathon in January…it’s going to be quite the challenge.

World Run Day 2012

I think this is absolutely one of the coolest running events I’ve ever heard of. Anyone in the USA can participate. YOU choose the location you run. YOU choose the distance you run. YOU JUST RUN.

Go to to register and have your name and location included in the participant list on their website. You will get a t-shirt and a bib number mailed to you. You will also receive instructions for uploading your photos and running stats after the event.

View this video for more information:


World Run Day is Sunday, November 11th, 2012

I am definitely in. I am currently in training for my first ever half marathon coming up in January and according to my training plan, I will be due a 7-mile run on this particular weekend. Normally, my long runs during training are slated for Saturdays, but I will also be participating in the Old Village 5K Run on November 10th, so I will flip-flop my usual Sunday 3-miler and do that on Saturday {a 5K is 3.1 miles} and do my long run on Run Day.

So are you in? Head over there and sign up! Do you have a great idea for a nice place to run in your local area? How many miles are you going to aim to complete? Happy running!