Plain White T’s

As much as fashion can be fun in the sense of bright and bold colors, patterns and designs…I truly feel like one of the greatest fashion statements of our time is simply a plain white T-shirt paired with a great pair of denim jeans or shorts. I think it’s such a big statement because it simply is what you make of it…there’s something just naturally sexy about it. How you wear it reveals a lot about you and your style. Will you dress it up with a scarf and some accessories, or a fabulous pair of heels? Or will you dress it down with some low-profile Aviators and a funky fedora? Here are some of my favorite looks of some gorgeous ladies that know how to fashionably pull off the plain white tee:


Jennifer Aniston’s stye has always been a favorite of mine. She just appears so effortlessly put together with every look she does. And this look is no exception.


 For those of you that know me personally, it’s no secret that I have a major “girl crush” on Mrs. Brian Austin Green. Megan always seems to pull off that relaxed I-look-like-I-just-woke-up-and-threw-it-on-and-I’m-still-the-hottest-thing-on-this-planet look. LOVE. And because I love her so much – here’s another one (love the burnout tee):


I don’t know that I’ve ever seen Chrissy Tiegen in anything other than a bikini as she frequently graces the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, but she definitely knows how to make a plain white tank look glam with a cute pair of flare jeans and a fashionable pocket book.

How do you do the plain white tee?


Have A Seat

As far back as I can remember…I’ve wanted a window seat in my bedroom. Call me sentimental, but something about sitting in a comfy window seat, back leaned up against the wall, staring out the window and writing or reading just sounds so serene. When I was in high school, my parents were considering having a house built rather than buying used and my mom was going to make sure I got my window seat. They had picked out a great build plan. Well, that all went to hell when they ended up finding a house on the market that they thought was “perfect”. Oh and I got screwed out of a walk-in closet too…but it pains me too much to talk about that.


Unfortunately, there isn’t any practical spot in our house at the moment to build-in a window seat. However, I plan on fashioning something window seat-like (with the help of handy hubby) and using it in the office/play room/workout area to do double-duty storing toys and providing seating that doesn’t take up too much space in the room. I have a plan all drawn up with measurements and the whole bit and I can’t wait to debut it on this blog.

Here are some inspiring playroom seating ideas that helped me realize my seating/storage plan:

Pinned to My Pin Board via

I chose the longest wall in my playroom/office – opposite the wall where my new desk went in. I am going to have the seating built with cubbies from wall to wall. i originally thought about putting it under the windows in the room so it would actually be a window seat, but with the placement of the desk, it was just too close to the side of the desk and would make it hard to pull in and out the bin that goes in the cubby in that corner.

Stay tuned for my playroom seating/storage plans and progress!

Baby, You’re A Firework

So let your colors show this 4th of July – here are some great wardrobe pieces and ideas to get you from beach/pool/BBQ to fireworks (and they’re all affordable):

Old Navy Denim Capris – $39

Old Navy Chevron Mix-n-Match Bikini – $10 – $12.50

Old Navy Jersey Dress – $24.94

Old Navy Tee – $7.50

Old Navy Tee – $8.99

Old Navy Stars & Stripes Bikini – $17.50/ea piece

Old Navy Swimsuit – $25.00

Old Navy Tee – $22.94
Debenham’s Dress – $39.00 (

Mod Cloth Dress – $43.00 (
Have a safe and happy Independence Day!

Old Navy photos courtesy – all items here are available on the website, some may be in stores.

Charleston Fashion Week: Economic Booster

As tourist-y as Charleston, SC can be – causing downtown traffic jams, parking issues, crowded beaches and an overload of pedestrians – we local folk mustn’t forget that it’s our tourism dollars that keep this economy up and running. So let’s remember our good ol’ Southern hospitality and welcome them with open arms.

One event that has only been around for three years now, Charleston Fashion Week, is no exception to that economic boost.


Charleston Fashion Week takes place yearly in March, taking over Marion Square downtown. It’s a fabulous event that brings in fashion-lovers and designers alike from all over the country (I suspect from all over the world as well). Charleston City Paper reported that this year’s event brought in a whopping $2.4 million dollars to our local economy, with guests spending an average of $700 (residents) and $2,000 (visitors) over the course of the event. It’s amazing what a little fashion can do, right?

So Charleston Fashion Week – keep on coming and keep this economy rolling. You will definitely see me there next year!