Beach Ready

It’s getting close to that time of year, y’all. {Praise the Lord!}

7. Lands End Canvas Tote {I’ve got the same one with the same name….lol}

Cheers to sunshine and warm weather! xoxo

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Monday Musings

This Monday post is coming a bit later than usual…had to be at the gym for my shift bright and early this AM {4:30!!!} and then I took a barre class when I got off at 8:00. With all the festivities this past weekend, I just didn’t have a chance to put a post together.

How was y’all’s St. Patty’s weekend? I have to say I can’t complain, even though we were busy, I felt like it was pretty low-key. Unfortunately Hubby had to serve his USCG Reserve weekend though. The boys and I started out Saturday with the beach – Charleston was in the 70s this weekend! We met my friend Chrissy and her husband Doug out there. It was pretty breezy, so it was hard to lay out, and with my boys running all over the place it got a little crazy. We lasted a couple hours and then we headed home. Later, I went with Chrissy to Poe’s on Sullivan’s Island. {This island town is always going off on St. Patty’s Day!} We ran into many people we knew, enjoyed some beers and just had a good time.

Sorry for the low-quality pic, my iPhone has no flash! Ugh. #timetoupgrade

On Sunday, the boys and I bustled around town running errands, then I was so excited to finally see my friends David, Taylor and their baby Cruze who all had been living in Hungary for just about a year now…I was so glad to finally be able to meet her baby!

From Left: Taylor, Me & Coco – REUNITED!

 It was so good to see them doing well as a new family with a new baby. Cruze was just darling.

Here’s my St. Patty’s Day outfit:

Hope y’all had a great weekend! xoxo

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Thursday Randomness & My Roxy Review

Hey y’all! Just wanted to drop in really quick this Thursday with some randomness. I worked the 4:30am shift at my gym this morning and then worked out after that, so now I’m home and needless to say, a little drained!

Fun stuff though, you might remember that as a blogger for Skinny Mom, I got to try out the new Roxy Outdoor Fitness Collection and provide a review. The review included a dare of doing yoga on the beach in their gear…check out the post here. Here’s a few of the pictures my lovely friend, Jackie, took of me on the beach for the post:

Hmmmmm…which one of these shall I make my new Facebook profile pic? LOL. We had so much fun that day…I posted on here how we ended up getting some delicious breakfast burritos and drinking a pitcher of Mimosas at Acme Cantina on Sullivan’s Island.

In other news, the hubby and my oldest son, Tanner, are off to Charlotte this weekend to meet our new niece, Payton. I really wish Breckin and I could go, but unfortunately, my Siberian Husky, Tundra, is having some health issues and I’m having to give her medicine every day for at least another week. Can’t take her to doggy daycare and don’t want to just pay someone to drop in here and there, leaving her in a crate all day Saturday and Sunday. And who could do that to this big baby?

She has no shame.

Jake’s brother and his family will be visiting here for Easter though, so not much longer until I meet the new addition. ♥

We spent a good bit of this week working on the new pantry and I can’t wait to reveal it to y’all on here. I need to paint the walls and I am trying to think of a way to prettify the shelves, giving it a little “pop”. So soon, my darlings, soon.

Well, that’s about it for now. Don’t forget to check out the Roxy post on Skinny Mom today! xoxo

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Monday Musings

Happy Monday, y’all! Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Saturday here was a soggy, rainy day. I don’t think it really ever stopped dropping water from the sky. It was definitely one of those days that makes you want to nap.

 Rainy day nap - awwwwww he looks like my Breton!!  :)

I wish I could say I was that dog on Saturday, but I was actually working the early morning shift at my gym – psst, not sure if I mentioned on here yet that I took on a part-time job there as the opener. It’s basically just for extra spending money {upcoming vacays and such}, plus I no longer have to pay for my gym membership. Also, being at the gym from 4:30am-8am makes it easy for me to stay and get a workout in before I leave. I’m still in lax mode with my 8:30-5 job, probably until April, so I don’t really have to be at the office. I’ve been working out 8am-9am on the days I work at the gym in the morning.

Saturday night, Jake and I got to go out on a date. We went and saw Safe Haven with Josh Duhamel {yum} and Julianne Hough. It was a really sweet movie. I love that Nicholas Sparks, I tell you.

Sunday was a much better day than Saturday in terms of weather. It was high 60s/low 70s and sunny. I took the boys to the beach.

Did any of y’all catch the Oscars last night? I really think that for the most part, my favorite stars looked really great. There were some questionable characters, but that’s what makes it interesting, right? I do have to say, this couple in particular was glowing:
85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Jenna Dewan Tatum is simply stunning, and she is no exception while pregnant. I must say I am a tiny bit jealous because I think I join the majority girls in wishing I was carrying Channing Tatum’s baby…just sayin’. {But I love you, Hubby!} Channing looks so happy to become a daddy; they are both so sweet.

Well, I hope y’all have a wonderful week! xoxo

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Monday Musings: Early Spring?

Happy Monday, y’all! Hope you had a great weekend with the Super Bowl and all. I didn’t particularly care either way who won the game this year…but I was definitely lovin’ the commercials – how about you? Oh, and I was so stoked to see Destiny’s Child make a surprise appearance during Beyonce’s halftime show – took me back down memory lane – singin’ in the car to “Say My Name” with my best girlfriends in high school…I loved that group. Though Beyonce has still done very well for herself since going solo.

In other news, I’m sure you all know that Punxsutawney Phil has predicted an early spring this year.


I don’t even remember the last time he didn’t see his shadow…I always automatically expect the extra six weeks of winter, or whatever the old wives’ tales says. But to be honest, with the beautifully warm winter weather we’ve been having here in Charleston, SC, I can’t say I’m too surprised. And all of this warm weather is getting me even more eager for spring and summer weather…and to pull out the warm-weather wardrobe. I also can’t help but look around online for new things to lounge around the pool and beach in. I actually stumbled upon the cutest cover up {totally my style}:

 Gah! It’s just too perfectly pretty and totally something I would wear. Something I’m GOING to wear…as I just finalized the purchase online a couple clicks of the mouse ago! Plus, doesn’t it look very similar to this one that I swooned over last summer?
I’m also due for a new bikini or two…I didn’t buy a new one last year. Hubby will balk at this because I have a whole dresser drawer full of them, but many are several years old, or just fit weird now {baby #2 definitely shifted some things around} so I think I’m going to finally clean out that drawer and hopefully add in something like this Roxy Free Rampage bikini:
It would go just “swimmingly” with the maxi dress, don’t you think?
Enjoy your week! xoxo

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Summer Reflections & Labor Day Weekend

Summer is over. And I’m kicking myself. It went by too fast. {Doesn’t it always?} I’ve been so busy, I’m ashamed to admit that last week, I realized I hadn’t gone to the beach once. Not ONCE. I had gone for my birthday in April and that was it. I went straight into “WTF is wrong with me” mode.

Because of that realization, I made it mandatory for us get out to the beach last weekend. I worked at 5am both days, but I was determined to get out there as soon as I got home and ready to go on Saturday. My boys deserved a day at the beach.

I have one of those bad mommy feelings…I feel like I didn’t do enough with my boys this summer. This one was just particularly nuts and seemed to fly by. When it started, I had dreams and plans of play parks, library trips, splash parks, pool visits and beach days galore.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like we didn’t do anything, but it just bothers me as a mom that I don’t get to be around during the daytime with them when there’s more opportunity to do fun things. {All you SAHM bloggers, I hope you know how lucky you are!} I know their daycare did a lot of things with them, but I will definitely make up for their lack of fun time with Momma this fall and winter. I will NOT be working so many weekends anymore – it’s just not worth it. I’ve already got my planner filled out with events and things to do this fall with them.

However, we did get to do some fun things this summer – we made it to Idaho to visit my family, visited the zoo a few times {love having a membership – totally worth it – we even got into the Boise Zoo in Idaho for $0.50 each because of it!} and we had a great weekend in Myrtle Beach at a hotel with a water park and even took the boys to go on some rides at the Boardwalk there. Jake and I even got out for one of our far-and-few-between date nights to see The Barenaked Ladies and other great bands. {That’s something he and I need to work on too!}

So this summer definitely doesn’t go down as one of the best summers in history for us, but I’m hopeful that next summer since Breckin will be almost 3 and Tanner will be a rising 2nd grader, we’ll be able to get out and do more. Coordinating fun around naps, work schedules and SC thunderstorms is just plain tricky business. This summer is the first summer I didn’t go to the beach for over 3 months in a row in the last 11 years. Wow. That will not be happening again!

This past weekend, since it was Labor Day weekend and I had a fabulous three days off in a row, I finally put the housework on the backburner and took the boys to do fun things. We only get so many summers with them and I won’t be making the mistake of not planning for more fun quality time with them again. Jake and I took Tanner out to celebrate his first week of 1st grade – we also wanted to spend some quality time just him and us so the grandparents took Breckin for a few hours. We played miniature golf and rode go-carts. The next day we had a BBQ with our neighbors and their kids and Sunday we went to the beach. Here a couple of pictures from our weekend:

We also got new fish this weekend, unfortunately, our other three died over the weekend. One had been sick due to an injury and the others died when I did a partial water change…not sure what went wrong there, even the pet store employees were stumped. But we’re giving it another go with these guys and hoping for the best.

Hope y’all had a fabulous Labor Day weekend! xoxo.

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Labor Day Weekend

Happy Labor Day Weekend…Hope it’s fabulously relaxing and exactly the opposite of labor.

Gawd, I’d love to get my beach cruiser out to the beach this weekend…maybe, just MAYBE I can.

And girl got paid yesterday {woot woot} so I plan on hitting up some fun Labor Day sales…oh yes.


Enjoy your weekend. xoxo.

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