Summer Reflections & Labor Day Weekend

Summer is over. And I’m kicking myself. It went by too fast. {Doesn’t it always?} I’ve been so busy, I’m ashamed to admit that last week, I realized I hadn’t gone to the beach once. Not ONCE. I had gone for my birthday in April and that was it. I went straight into “WTF is wrong with me” mode.

Because of that realization, I made it mandatory for us get out to the beach last weekend. I worked at 5am both days, but I was determined to get out there as soon as I got home and ready to go on Saturday. My boys deserved a day at the beach.

I have one of those bad mommy feelings…I feel like I didn’t do enough with my boys this summer. This one was just particularly nuts and seemed to fly by. When it started, I had dreams and plans of play parks, library trips, splash parks, pool visits and beach days galore.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like we didn’t do anything, but it just bothers me as a mom that I don’t get to be around during the daytime with them when there’s more opportunity to do fun things. {All you SAHM bloggers, I hope you know how lucky you are!} I know their daycare did a lot of things with them, but I will definitely make up for their lack of fun time with Momma this fall and winter. I will NOT be working so many weekends anymore – it’s just not worth it. I’ve already got my planner filled out with events and things to do this fall with them.

However, we did get to do some fun things this summer – we made it to Idaho to visit my family, visited the zoo a few times {love having a membership – totally worth it – we even got into the Boise Zoo in Idaho for $0.50 each because of it!} and we had a great weekend in Myrtle Beach at a hotel with a water park and even took the boys to go on some rides at the Boardwalk there. Jake and I even got out for one of our far-and-few-between date nights to see The Barenaked Ladies and other great bands. {That’s something he and I need to work on too!}

So this summer definitely doesn’t go down as one of the best summers in history for us, but I’m hopeful that next summer since Breckin will be almost 3 and Tanner will be a rising 2nd grader, we’ll be able to get out and do more. Coordinating fun around naps, work schedules and SC thunderstorms is just plain tricky business. This summer is the first summer I didn’t go to the beach for over 3 months in a row in the last 11 years. Wow. That will not be happening again!

This past weekend, since it was Labor Day weekend and I had a fabulous three days off in a row, I finally put the housework on the backburner and took the boys to do fun things. We only get so many summers with them and I won’t be making the mistake of not planning for more fun quality time with them again. Jake and I took Tanner out to celebrate his first week of 1st grade – we also wanted to spend some quality time just him and us so the grandparents took Breckin for a few hours. We played miniature golf and rode go-carts. The next day we had a BBQ with our neighbors and their kids and Sunday we went to the beach. Here a couple of pictures from our weekend:

We also got new fish this weekend, unfortunately, our other three died over the weekend. One had been sick due to an injury and the others died when I did a partial water change…not sure what went wrong there, even the pet store employees were stumped. But we’re giving it another go with these guys and hoping for the best.

Hope y’all had a fabulous Labor Day weekend! xoxo.

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