Charleston Fashion Week: Economic Booster

As tourist-y as Charleston, SC can be – causing downtown traffic jams, parking issues, crowded beaches and an overload of pedestrians – we local folk mustn’t forget that it’s our tourism dollars that keep this economy up and running. So let’s remember our good ol’ Southern hospitality and welcome them with open arms.

One event that has only been around for three years now, Charleston Fashion Week, is no exception to that economic boost.


Charleston Fashion Week takes place yearly in March, taking over Marion Square downtown. It’s a fabulous event that brings in fashion-lovers and designers alike from all over the country (I suspect from all over the world as well). Charleston City Paper reported that this year’s event brought in a whopping $2.4 million dollars to our local economy, with guests spending an average of $700 (residents) and $2,000 (visitors) over the course of the event. It’s amazing what a little fashion can do, right?

So Charleston Fashion Week – keep on coming and keep this economy rolling. You will definitely see me there next year!