Monday Musings

How was y’all’s Thanksgiving weekend? I tell you, it was soooo nice having four days off from work. Thanksgiving/My 5th Anniversary was a great day. I started out on a good foot by doing the Turkey Day 5K downtown. It was a great day for running, however, a bit cold waiting for the race to start! Before heading back home, I had a post-race beer {gotta love free booze!}

Our Thanksgiving dinner was very quaint since it was just the four of us this year. We cooked a turkey and a few of our other favorite Thanksgiving dishes and had a nice family meal. {Due to the cold, we didn’t make it out to Breach Inlet for a beach picnic as I had originally hoped.} Here’s my sweet boys enjoying their feast:

And yes, that is turkey he is holding {he gets just as excited for Thanksgiving as his daddy does}:

After dinner, hubby surprised me with my anniversary gift:

It was the Chance Chanel perfume…

I’m loving the fragrance. It’s nice to wear a new scent every once in a while.

On Friday, I put up the Christmas decorations and that night we passed around the eggnog, turned up some Christmas music and decorated our Christmas tree.

On Sunday, we went to church and then that afternoon we headed to the cobblestone streets of downtown Charleston to have a long overdue family photo session. {Christmas cards need to be made soon!} I can’t wait to get the portrait CD back later this week to show y’all how they turned out!

Have a great week!

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Happy Thanksgiving & An Anniversary

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you…I hope you are able to be surrounded by loved ones.

I think it’s important to stop and be thankful every day. It shouldn’t have to wait to be said until this one day each year.

Food for thought: Try to start each day on a high note by being thankful you were given the breath to breathe another day…end it on a good note by praying to God and being thankful for the blessings you have. You may also notice you naturally become a happier person. A thankful heart is a happy heart.

This is the last post in my Thankful series…and seeing as how it is Thanksgiving and also my husband’s and my 5th wedding anniversary, I am dedicating this thankful post to my loving husband.

I am thankful for Jake, the love we share, the family we’ve built and the life we have together. We are far from perfect; we have ups and downs, but we always make it through in the end and that is what a real marriage is all about.

It was 5 years ago, on Thanksgiving of that year, that we exchanged our vows:

We had a quaint little private ceremony at Breach Inlet on Sullivan’s Island.
Six months later, we had a reception with family and friends.
Thank you, my sweet husband, for five amazing years…looking forward to many more. You are the most wonderfully perfect man for me. Happy Anniversary, I love you. ♥
I hope y’all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with loved ones and good food. It is just Jake, the boys and me this year, I am running the Turkey Day 5K downtown and then, since it’s our 5th anniversary, we plan on making some small portions of our fave Thanksgiving foods and heading out to Breach Inlet on Sullivan’s Island where we were married to have a family picnic. Hoping it goes as planned!

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