Turkey Day Run: Race Recap

Ok…so I have to officially say I hate the chip timing system. Hate.

I feel like my time is never logged right in the end. {Let’s not forget last month’s Race for the Cure when my time chip apparently didn’t even log my actual!}

So let’s hash this out…the race officially started at 9am. I was in the second wave which started at 9:03. So the clock had been running 3 minutes before I was able to start. When I hit the end of the race, I remember looking up at the time and seeing 34:54…then of course, due to bottlenecking, was unable to get my timer under the finish line until sometime after 35 min, apparently 35:09, because my time on the website says this:

BUT, if I go to my RunKeeper app, I show that I ran FURTHER than 3.1 miles {not by much} and know that my app had been running for at least two minutes before I actually started moving:

I suppose this chip time was close, but due to the bottlenecking at the start and at the end of the race, I’d estimate my actual time to be right at about 30:30 – 31:00 minutes. So pretty much the same as last month’s Race for the Cure. My next run is the Reindeer Run, hopefully I can really push it then! I’d so love to see a time UNDER 30 minutes.

Going to trudge through with my half marathon training this week!


Monday Musings

How was y’all’s Thanksgiving weekend? I tell you, it was soooo nice having four days off from work. Thanksgiving/My 5th Anniversary was a great day. I started out on a good foot by doing the Turkey Day 5K downtown. It was a great day for running, however, a bit cold waiting for the race to start! Before heading back home, I had a post-race beer {gotta love free booze!}

Our Thanksgiving dinner was very quaint since it was just the four of us this year. We cooked a turkey and a few of our other favorite Thanksgiving dishes and had a nice family meal. {Due to the cold, we didn’t make it out to Breach Inlet for a beach picnic as I had originally hoped.} Here’s my sweet boys enjoying their feast:

And yes, that is turkey he is holding {he gets just as excited for Thanksgiving as his daddy does}:

After dinner, hubby surprised me with my anniversary gift:

It was the Chance Chanel perfume…

I’m loving the fragrance. It’s nice to wear a new scent every once in a while.

On Friday, I put up the Christmas decorations and that night we passed around the eggnog, turned up some Christmas music and decorated our Christmas tree.

On Sunday, we went to church and then that afternoon we headed to the cobblestone streets of downtown Charleston to have a long overdue family photo session. {Christmas cards need to be made soon!} I can’t wait to get the portrait CD back later this week to show y’all how they turned out!

Have a great week!

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am likely off running in our local Turkey Day 5K as you’re reading this. I look forward to this 5K every year. It is one of my favorites. The weather is usually ideal for running and it’s just a fun event afterward with the free beer in the park and all. {Hey, I can be a little bad, right?} Is there a Thanksgiving race in your town?

I’d like to take a moment to be thankful for my health. Not everyone out there is able to even run a race. The fact that I can breathe easy, complete tasks without ailment and am disease-free is a very big blessing. I thank God for the ability to do the things I want to do…that my body is strong and able…I try never to take that for granted…that is why fitness is very important to me.

I have a favorite quote that I use at the bottom of my work email signature…and I believe it is very fitting for today…

Steve Prefontaine was a great American runner that lost his life in a car accident at the young age of 24 – in his prime. He never once wasted his God-given ability in the years he had. My advice to you always with fitness is to take today and take it now. Do your absolute best with the time you have.

We’ve not a lot planned today as far as Thanksgiving dinner goes – my family is 3,000 miles away and Jake’s family left town to visit his dad’s side in Illinois. It is actually also our 5th wedding anniversary today, so we plan on cooking up a few smaller portions of our favorite Thanksgiving foods and having a picnic at Breach Inlet, Sullivan’s Island where we were married. The boys in tow too, of course. {And hey, less Thanksgiving calories for me this year!}

Hope you are enjoying this holiday with loved ones. xoxo.