Why You Should Use Weight Gloves

Hey y’all – I’m here to tell you about an important item I carry every time I hit the gym — weight gloves.

Here are my reasons why you should have a pair in your gym bag too:

1. Prevent Callouses

Strength training is an important part of anyone’s fitness routine. But that metal or plastic-y exterior of the weights can wreak havoc on your hands.



Wearing weight gloves can prevent this painful and not-so-good-looking problem.

2. Better Grip

Many glove options provide a better grip for you – making it less likely to slip on the bar or drop a dumbbell. Many are moisture-wicking to keep hand sweat at bay.


And here are some that I recommend, if you’re looking for your own pair:

{GoFit Elite Weight Lifting Gloves}
Harbinger Women's Pro Wash and Dry Weight Lifting Gloves - Click to enlarge
{Harbinger Women’s Pro Wash & Dry Gloves}