Friday: Week’s Recap

Happy Friday, y’all! This week has been interesting.

I started out Monday by quitting my “buffer” job because after analyzing the daycare vs. take home costs, it just didn’t make sense to bother with the job. I still have my business license and insurance for my cleaning business, A Modern Cinderella, so I figured I could keep the kids out of daycare starting next week if I didn’t find a job and just do cleanings instead of the 8 to 5 grind. {If any of y’all in the Charleston area are looking for a housecleaner – I’m your gal!}

On Tuesday, I had an interview with a company based in Dubai that went really well. I had the 2nd interview on Wednesday and landed the job! That was quick, right? I start sometime between February 15th and March 1st. It’s a nice downtown office by the aquarium and I basically get to run my own show there as the Office Manager/Logistics Coordinator.

Other than that, I’ve been spending my “time off” doing a lot of the following {if you follow me on Instagram, these might not be new to you!}:

Walking my girl, Tundra. {Isn’t this a nice place I can walk to from my house? So serene.}


And by the way, totally enjoying the Roxy Outdoor Fitness Collection items I was sent to try out via Skinny Mom. How awesome are these pants? Such breathable and comfy fabric for all workouts – outdoor and indoor alike. In LURVE with the color.

Getting a lot of time playing with these two handsome little men.
And I’ve also been cleaning up la casa a lot and trying to get some of those lingering household projects out of the way. And of course hitting the gym…and I also started Insanity again on Monday…gettin’ ready for bikini weather!
Speaking of bikini weather, I’ve been pinning a lot of cute summer-weather outfits on my Fashion & Style Pinboard on Pinterest…and this week, this get-up really piqued my interest:
Summer look
This outfit has everything – sexy bare legs while keeping it classy up top, cute sandal heels, a colorful necklace and even a pop of the Pantone Color of the Year – Emerald. It’s comfy, yet not too casual. This could easily go from day to night. Here are some items I found that can help you recreate this look:
dENiZENĀ® from the Levi'sĀ® brand Dakota Short  - Assorted Colors
{Shorts – Target}
{Tank – Piperlime}
{Blazer – Forever 21}
Princess Vera Wang Tri-Tone Arrowhead and Fringe Bib Necklace
{Necklace – Kohls}
{Michael Kors Heels – Zappos}
Have you been pinning any summer outfit inspiration lately?
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Moving On…

I realize I haven’t posted much this past week…my mind has definitely been elsewhere. On Saturday, I was laid off from my job at Boeing. I had been a contractor there for about 15 months. I’ve done my best to keep my head up about it, though it came as a shock, I haven’t shed a tear. I’m doing my best to keep my faith in God’s plan for me. I know I’m an intelligent, worthwhile person, and the right gig is out there waiting for me. Boeing emotionally drained me in many ways. I gave so much of my time and energy into all that I did there…I worked many overtime hours and weekends…I took every new task thrown my way in stride and just kept running with it. It hurts to feel like it was all for nothing. I made friends there that I am missing dearly…not seeing some of them every day is a definite bummer. But I’m trying not to focus on that…and just…move on. {At least I can hope that the friends I’ve made will still be there, even though my job isn’t.}

The good news is that I have already found a new job and I start Monday. The pay SUCKS…but at least it’s something to get me by until the next opportunity comes along. I’ve had 2 other interviews since that one that seem promising and I have one tomorrow as well. I am crossing my fingers that the right job with the right salary will happen upon me.

But anyhow…enough about my job situation…I’m confident that will get better.

Now onto more important things…I had a chance to stop by Target today {though I doubt I’ll be making any extravagant purchases any time soon, a girl can dream…} and I found a few cute new items on their shelves.

This could be a great candy bowl {not too small of candy!}:

This tray was so chic in person. I love the woven pattern, so unique:


And is this not the most fun vase ever?


This pillow is just too cute:


And this graphic has been very popular lately, not a bad price here:

Grosgrain Applique Toss Pillow (18x18")
And last, but certainly not least on my list – this table. I’d love two of them as our master bedside tables:
White Mirrored Drawer Accent Table
Hope y’all have a great week…here’s to hoping I’ll be back to the normal grind soon. xoxo.
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Thankful Series: Bread & Butter

I am continuing on with my Thankful series for Thanksgiving today… I am so thankful my husband and I both have a jobs…and a decent-paying ones at that. With our current economic state, there are so many people out there struggling to put food on the table, pay their mortgages or are just barely getting by. Some have lost their jobs and are still looking for new ones…which are slim pickin’s at the moment.

Sometimes it feels as though we’ll have a couple months where we’re living paycheck to paycheck, but for the most part, we have plenty…with a little leftover for non-essential items…such as home decor and my wardrobe {hubby considers non-essential, not me}. We can be ungrateful at time and complain that we don’t have enough for this and that…but truly, we are in such a good position compared to many…and I like to sit back like this and actually gain real perspective on it…to realize how blessed we truly are.

My job can be a drag sometimes…and I know my husband’s job requires a lot of hard labor at times…but I am so glad we have paychecks coming in on the regular. It’s nice that we know where are next meal is coming from, as I know some aren’t so lucky, and my heart hurts for them.


So today, I know it’s Monday and you are probably sitting at your desk with a case of “the Mondays”, but try to instead be grateful for having that desk. xoxo


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