Brit Brit is Stunning!

I have waited YEARS for Britney Spears to finally get her look together and my friends, I think that day has finally come. I just found this picture of the lovely Ms. Spears at Elton John’s Oscars after party and all I can say is, “Wow.” She looks so much younger with the caramel color on her tresses…just so much more natural than her signature platinum blonde. I think it’s about time she gave the platinum up…she’s not 19 anymore…but gosh, she looks so much closer to age 19 now!

21st Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party - Inside: Britney Spears
It seems she’s finally getting her life together after the last six or so years of troubles. I couldn’t be more happy for her…I hope she ends up with a good guy the next time around and that she keeps her head held high on her shoulders. I’m a longtime fan of her and wish her the best.
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Britney, Gangham & Pink Skinnies

So did y’all get a chance to see X-Factor and/or The Voice last night???

I say and/or because stupid TV land put them on at the SAME TIME…so I had to toggle between channels! (Mostly caught X-Factor because Britney trumps X-tina in my world.} Ugh – why must Hollywood make me choose between two shows I love?

I must say, I’m loving Britney these days {well, truthfully never stopped loving her}…she’s getting back to herself…she seems with it…and she’s definitely working to keep that body in check:

Her eyes did look a little tired, but I’m assuming makeup can only cover so much when it comes to being overworked. I’m glad to see Brit-Brit back on track and those gams are looking seriously toned. I also had the chance to see her on Ellen the other day and she looked very prim and proper:

And speaking of that episode, have you heard of Gangnam Style dancing? OMG, too funny…

Seriously, YouTube that sh*t…it’s hilarious.

In other news, this girl’s outfit rocks my world right now:


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