I Got Nothin’

Yep, that’s right…I’m at a loss for a post today…

I blame my sugar-high ridden kids who stayed up too late last night for Halloween {though it was worth it}. But darnit, they were just too cute:

However, seeing as how it’s the day after Halloween, I’m sure some of you are looking for great ideas to get rid of the excess candy…head over to my sister blog, i-Heart Fitness, for my list of ideas. xoxo

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Halloween Is Over…

Now what to do with all of that candy?

If you’re like me, having candy in your house is just a recipe for diet disaster. I have NO will power when it comes to sweets. {Well, I do have some, but basically, if I don’t say no before it gets into my house, I’m doomed.} So I try to keep it OUT from the get-go to keep from over-indulging.

Here are some ideas for getting the candy out:

1. First let your little ones pick up to 10 pieces to keep {I usually only allow for one per day to be eaten.} Promise them you won’t eat any of it. {Harder to eat it if you know you’re going to break a promise to those sweet things by doing so.}

2. Check with some of the local dentists to see if they offer a candy-buying program. Let your children keep the money.

3. Check with local museums, aquariums, etc. to see if they take the candy. Our local Children’s Museum offers free admission in exchange for candy so they can send it to our troops.

4. Just go dump it in the trash. No harm, no foul. You’ll feel much better about yourself once you’ve done it.

5. Take it to the office and put it in a large bowl. In a high traffic area. Far from your desk.

6. Give it to your local food bank or church if they’ll take it. This time of year, they may want candy for Christmas to offer to little ones that would otherwise go without.

7. Use it in a pinata for your son’s birthday that falls a week after Halloween and let the party invitees go at it. {Oh, is this just me? OK.}

Whatever you do, try to make sure there’s something in it for your kids…so they don’t feel they just got screwed. Help them make it feel like it’s their choice…reward them for their generosity…and use it as an opportunity to teach the importance of health!

Trick-or-Treating Rules

This is a re-post from my family/mommy blog, Love, Laughter & Happy Ever After…orginally posted in October 2010:
Dear Trick-or-Treaters:

It seems that over the past few years, you kids have just gotten more and more spoiled, or just completely rude and inconsiderate when it comes to Halloween and trick-or-treating. Maybe your parents suck at raising kids, or maybe you just don’t listen to them, but just so you are aware, I do not HAVE to buy a big bowl of candy and get up and answer the door fifty times in one night. I CHOOSE to because I love kids and I love to celebrate the holiday. But lately, many of you are making me wish I’d just left my porch light off instead. Here are the rules if you want to trick-or-treat at my house:

1. You MUST be in costume. You are absolutely crazy if you think I’m going to give you candy just for knocking on my door. You have to at least entertain me with the creativity of your costume.

2. Please be under the age of 13. Anyone over that age trick-or-treating is simply pathetic. Go to a party. If you weren’t invited to a party, now I know why. You will not get candy, but you will get made fun of.

3. Please say “Trick-or-Treat”. It’s just something that should go without saying. I hate answering the door to awkward silence. If you’re under the age of 5, I’ll give you a break.

4. Please say “Thank you”. It’s just polite. Your parents should be ashamed of themselves if they haven’t been instilling these types of manners in you. Again, if you’re under age 5, I’ll give you a break.

5. I’m a giving person. I will tell you to grab a couple treats or a few rather than just handing you one. Don’t then proceed to scoop up a quarter of the candy in my bowl. I hate greediness.

6. I usually have an assortment of candy – if I happen to grab you a couple pieces and there was something else you liked better, just keep it to yourself. You’re likely to get that same thing at a different house. Be happy with what you get!

7. If you are on your cell phone, you will not get candy.

8. If you ring my doorbell more than once or bang on my door until I answer it, you will not get candy.

9. When I’ve shut the porch light off, I’ve either run out of candy or it’s past 9pm. Don’t ring my doorbell or knock on my door. You will not get candy.

Thank you!

This was just for laughs – have a safe and happy Halloween! xoxo
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Monday Musings

What a weekend! Of course, gone by too quickly like all the rest.

I don’t know where my head has been lately – even though I’ve been trying hard to menu plan and stick to it, somehow we still end up at a restaurant booth somewhere. Friday night, we actually went to TGIF {fitting, right?}

Jake had USCG duty this weekend so it was the boys and me against the world {more like me against them}. We started out our Saturday with a trip to Target where I managed to get Tanner’s birthday gift without him realizing and a few other things for his Lego-themed birthday party coming up. We then went to the local Halloween store to pick out his costume. {Breckin will be recycling Tanner’s Tigger costume from when he was a baby/toddler.} Tanner picked out Spiderman…can’t wait to show you pics of how cute he is in it…and Tigger too!

After Jake got home and settled in, we had our family pumpkin-carving party…

My Boys

My Little Pumpkin

Tanner getting to gut the pumpkin this year…

Watching Daddy at work

Our “S” Pumpkin

Of course, as usual, I’m not in any of the pictures…being the photographer and all. I always joke with Jake that I’m glad I can make these memories for HIM. Haha.

It was definitely a great way to spend a rainy Saturday with tropical storm Sandy out there.

Sunday I worked, and Jake did too, so we had a babysitter for the boys – which they just loved. We are so thankful for having teenage girls move in next door – more date nights for us!

We capped off the weekend at our family spot {yet another restaurant – so much for that menu plan!} – Los Arcos. I was glad to enjoy a margarita…yum.

Hope y’all had a great weekend! xoxo

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