Monday Musings

This weekend was AWESOME.

We celebrated our sweet Tanner’s 7th birthday  on Saturday {actual birthday was November 6th} with some family and friends at our house. As previously mentioned, we did a Lego theme since Tanner is Lego-obsessed. I had a lot of fun putting the decorations together…I’ll be posting about his party tomorrow.

I seriously cannot believe my main man is SEVEN. Am I really getting that old? He is getting so big right before my very eyes…it’s bittersweet.

I love that Tanner’s birthday is at the beginning of November. For me, it sort of feels like our kickoff to the holiday season. We get to see a few family members and friends…in just over a week from now we’ll be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary and Thanksgiving…it’s just a time of togetherness for our family and Tanner himself has always symbolized togetherness for our family…at least to me…he is the reason we are a family. God has blessed us so much with this little boy…Tanner serves a larger purpose in His plan than any of us may ever know.
On Sunday, I went to work – I know, do I EVER have a weekend off? This one was my doing though…after taking off last Tuesday for Tanner’s birthday, I decided to make up some time and offered to work. I’m actually very fortunate that my job provides that opportunity. I do know that I’m not scheduled to work any weekends until December, so that will be nice. I can finally use the weekends to get some much-needed tasks marked off my to-do list. Speaking of my to-do list, I decided to put one together for what I would like to accomplish by the end of the year, this way I can stay focused on some small goals rather than stressing myself out with the big picture of everything I’d like to get done. Here’s what I’ve got planned:

TO DO BY 12/31/12

1. Paint Kitchen, Living & Upstairs Hallway {Gray} – All of these walls run together, you do one, you do them all…but I may break it up over a couple of days or weekends.
2. Christmas Decorating – Find accents to switch out in place of current accents

3. Finish Painting Wall Shelf from Goodwill & Hang

4. Make a Gallery Wall with the White Frames I’ve Bought
5. Book Nook for Boys

6. Organize Office/Play Room

7. Paint Boys’ Rooms
I do hope to get a little more done, but I will consider myself a success if I can manage to do all of this.
Items 1 & 2 are first on my list {I generally decorate for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving}. I have been perusing some color choices for the walls and I really like Colonial Revival Gray by Sherwin Williams:
 Here are some rooms I found that are painted with this color:

 Can’t wait to finally have some free weekends to make some progress around here!

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Happy Birthday, My Sweet Young Man

Today is a very special day…and not because it’s Election Day.
Today my son, Tanner, turns 7. Not only that, it’s also my Momiversary…the day I was officially made a mother.
I will never forget the feeling of utter excitement, joy and even a little bit of fear…knowing my life would never be the same…and this precious baby boy’s life and happiness was my responsibility. Becoming a mother has by far been the greatest blessing in my life and it has taught me more things and made me a better person than anything else in this world possibly could. I thank God every day for His miraculous gift.

Sweet Sleepy Angel in the Hospital

One of my Most Favorite Pictures

Has Always Loved The Water – Natural Swimmer

My Beach Bum

Pretending he doesn’t love Mommy’s Cuddles 🙂
Just so naturally handsome, I may be biased, but it’s true!

First Day of Kindergarten

Taking a Stab at Male Modeling
Myrtle Beach Boardwalk – July 2012
♥ Happy Birthday, My Sweet Tanner. ♥
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Happy 55th Birthday, Dad

Today’s is my dad’s 55th birthday.

I wanted to take the time to acknowledge this wonderful man on his day…my dad has always been a hard worker and did a wonderful job providing for our family. My brothers and I never wanted for anything {well, we wanted of course, but NEVER needed}…we had more than enough. We are very lucky to have him for a dad.

I also like to claim that I get much of my spitfire sarcasm and charming wit from him. So those of you that love me, you know who to thank…and those of you that don’t, well, then why are you reading my blog? {So you DO love me! tee hee}

We live so far apart now and I know I could be a lot better about keeping in touch. I am so thankful that we got to go visit him in Idaho last week…I wish my sons got to see their Grandpa more. We are certainly going to make a better effort of visiting more often though.

Thank you, Dad, for being the great person you are. I know you’ve overcome a lot in your life…and to be the person you are today after all of it…shows the might of your integrity and your heart. Thank you for loving me even though I’m quite the pain {but in my defense, as previously mentioned, I got it from you.}

Happy Birthday…I love you!

Fun Fact: Breckin’s due date was this day in 2010. The little bugger came early {thank God, because any later he would have been a 10lb-er!} But we gave him my dad’s name, David, as a middle name in honor of him.

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Happy 2nd Birthday, Sweet Boy

Well, we’re on our flight back to Charleston from Idaho…but even though it’s going to be a long day, it’s a very special day with a lot to celebrate.


Two years ago today…our little family of three became four. Tanner became a big brother and I officially earned the title of “Mom of All Boys” {still hoping to remedy that some day soon}. This sweet little baby entered this world and his presence has been such a blessing in our lives. Breckin has always been the happiest, bounciest little boy with such a big spirit. He has stolen our hearts.

A Few Minutes Old
Our First Photo as a Family of Four
First Kiss from Big Brother

6 months
One Year

Circa 19-21 Months

Just About 2 Years Old – First Haircut

Happy 2nd Birthday, My Sweet Boy.
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